History 1, Cubs 0

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Cover of History - 1, Cubs - 0: A Historical Perspective of the Chicago Cubs Championship Drought by James O'Brien

The Chicago Cubs last won the World Series in 1908, only the fifth World Series ever played. Going into this 2013 season, it will be at least 105 years before the Cubs win their next World Series. This championship drought already is longer than the entire existence of the National Hockey League (1917), the National Football League (1920), and the National Basketball Association (1946)! Obviously, Cubs fans are the only baseball fans or sports fans to experience a championship drought this extensive. For example, five generations of my mother's side of my family have lived (and many died) in the United States without the Cubs ever winning another World Series championship.

As unique as is the Cubs championship drought, History 1, Cubs 0  is equally unique. Rather than minimize the extent and the effect of this drought, this book explores it in depth. Decade by decade, each chapter progressively lists events that are closer in time to the Cubs 1908 championship than we are today (e.g., the War of 1812, Jefferson's presidency, the Lewis and Clark expedition, etc.), and it then lists events that have happened since 1908 (e.g., World War I, Ford's automated automobile assembly line, Monopoly, television, etc.). Events include all World Series winners, presidents, statehoods, historical events - world, U.S., Illinois and Chicago, baseball and sports historic performances, inventions, etc. The Index alone lists over 2,300 events by year!

Welcome to the website for History 1, Cubs 0. Thank you for purchasing or reading my book. I hope you found it as informative as I did researching and preparing it.

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Did you know that that the intoduction of Grimms' Fairy Tales is closer in time to the Cubs last World Series win in 1908 than we are to it today? Now that's scary!